About Northeast Wireless

Northeast Wireless Networks designs, builds, operates and owns wholesale shared access cellular networks in rural markets throughout the US and acquires and leases wireless spectrum.

Markets: Currently focused on the Maine and New Hampshire markets, Northeast Wireless develops networks and serves as a wholesale network operator in other under-served rural markets in Maine and New Hampshire.
By developing and deploying shared-access wholesale networks, Northeast Wireless provides cellular operators with cost effective coverage by combining multiple technology types. Northeast Wireless is deploying a HSPA+ 4G network utilizing the most advanced, scalable microwave backhaul supported by a high speed fiber optic network.
Benefits: With Northeast Wireless, national wireless operators benefit in a multitude of ways including:
1. Lowering Operational Expenses
2. Avoiding Capital Expenditures
3. Accelerating Deployment
4. Quality Coverage and Service
Experience: Northeast Wireless is driven by a dedicated team of experienced wireless professionals who has deployed and operated thousands of network sites throughout the US.